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Founded in 2012, Revive Rehab initially specialized in ICBC active rehabilitation. With a steadfast commitment to prioritizing customer service, our company experienced remarkable growth, expanding from a single location with one Kinesiologist to a robust team of ten professionals across the Lower Mainland, establishing roots in key areas such as Surrey, Vancouver, and Abbotsford.

Continuing on this trajectory of growth and excellence, Revive Rehab underwent a transformative transition in 2021, evolving into a comprehensive clinics. This strategic move allowed us to broaden our scope of services, introducing a diverse range of offerings that include Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Clinical Counselling, and IV Therapy.

As we continue to evolve, Revive Rehab remains dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare services to our community, promoting holistic well-being, and fostering lasting partnerships with our valued clients.

Why Choose Revive Rehab Clinic?

These points highlight the potential reasons why you might consider choosing a specialized rehabilitation center like Revive Rehab, particularly for ICBC-related cases, showcasing their expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to effective recovery.

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Excellence in Rehabilitation Services With Passion for Patient Care


Expertise in ICBC Rehabilitation

Revive Rehab specializes in active rehabilitation specifically tailored for ICBC cases, ensuring a deep understanding of the process and requirements.


Focused Approach

The specialization allows for a focused and targeted rehabilitation program designed to address injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents covered by ICBC.


Reputation and Trust

If Revive Rehab has a track record of successful outcomes and positive testimonials, this can serve as a testament to their expertise and dedication to clients’ well-being.


Convenience and Accessibility

Factors like location, flexible scheduling, and accommodating facilities may also contribute to the appeal of choosing Revive Rehab for ICBC rehabilitation needs.


Specialized Care

The team at Revive Rehab possesses specialized knowledge and experience in dealing with a wide range of injuries typically associated with motor vehicle accidents, ensuring tailored and effective care.


Customized Rehabilitation Plans

The facility creates personalized rehabilitation plans, taking into account individual needs, injuries, and recovery goals, optimizing the chances of a successful recovery.


Collaborative Approach

They might offer a collaborative approach, working closely with clients, healthcare providers, and ICBC representatives to streamline the rehabilitation process and ensure smooth communication.


Comprehensive Services

Beyond just rehabilitation exercises, they might offer additional services such as pain management techniques, counseling, and educational resources to support overall recovery.

Our team shares the common goal to help patients reach their peak performance.

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At Revive Rehab, we understand the challenges and uncertainties that come with injury recovery. That's why we make this promise to every patient who walks through our doors:

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At Revive Rehab, we don't just aim for recovery; we aim for your complete well-being. Your trust in us fuels our dedication to helping you revive, rebuild, and reclaim your life.

Thank you for entrusting us with your care.