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Our team of experts offers professional Registered Massage Therapy (RMT). We curate specific treatment plans to lead you to a healthier life.

Professional Massage Therapy In Surrey, BC

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

At REVIVE Rehab, our mission is to enhance the health of your soft tissues and joints using a range of manual manipulation techniques. Our massage therapy Surrey team employs evidence-based practices that have been proven effective in reducing pain and discomfort, expediting injury recovery, and enhancing mobility. Our goal is to optimize your overall well-being and ensure your body is functioning at its best.

We believe that Surrey RMTs with a high number of returning patients demonstrate excellent “patient retention”. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible massage treatment experience, and we work closely with our professionals to provide them with the necessary tools and support.

We also offer massage therapy surrey direct billing for our patients. So you can use your extended health care such as Pacific Blue Cross for direct billing.

What is Registered Massage Therapy?

Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is a highly specialized and effective treatment method that should only be performed by massage therapists who have undergone extensive training and gone to a collage of massage therapy in human anatomy and physiology. With their in-depth knowledge and understanding of the body’s intricate systems, our RMTs Surrey are able to provide targeted and tailored treatments that address specific issues and promote overall wellness.

By applying their expertise and employing various techniques, our Surrey RMTs can help alleviate muscle tension, reduce pain, improve circulation, and enhance the body’s natural healing processes. Whether you’re seeking relief from a specific condition or simply looking to relax and rejuvenate, our massage therapy clinic surrey offer a comprehensive approach to health care that can benefit individuals of all ages and walks of life.

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Surrey Massage Therapy
Our Team Of RMTs

Registered Massage Therapists Surrey

Our Surrey Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is a highly advanced healthcare profession, surpassing typical body work or relaxation massage. While some may mistakenly view Massage Therapy as solely a stress relief treatment, it encompasses much more.

The primary objective of Massage Therapy is to enhance soft tissue and joint health through manual manipulation of muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons, combined with therapeutic exercise. With a range of evidence-informed techniques, the goal is to alleviate pain, expedite injury recovery, and enhance movement performance.

Our Registered Massage Therapy Surrey focused on pain relief, injury recovery, and movement performance is expanding rapidly, and REVIVE Rehab is at the forefront of this industry.

Conditions Treated By Our Surrey Massage Therapy Service

  • Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Stress And Anxiety
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Sports Related Recovery
  • Pregnancy
  • Respiratory Issues
  • Constipation And IBS

Motor Vehicle Injuries (ie. Whiplash)

Massage Therapy can be an effective treatment for Motor Vehicle Accidents, particularly in cases of whiplash. Whiplash, a common injury resulting from the sudden, jarring movement of a car accident, can cause severe pain and discomfort. It can lead to stiffness in the neck, headaches, and even issues with memory or concentration.

Through the skilled manipulation of muscles and soft tissues, our Revive Massage Therapist Surrey can help to relieve the pain and tension caused by whiplash. Techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy can enhance blood flow to the affected areas, promoting healing and reducing inflammation.

Moreover, therapeutic exercises under the guidance of a professional can help restore range of motion and prevent long-term complications. Thus, our massage therapy Surrey offers a holistic, non-invasive treatment option for Motor Vehicle Injuries, aiding in speedy recovery and improved quality of life.
With the help of ICBC massage therapy, our ICBC patients can use ICBC claims and can be billed to ICBC.

ICBC Massage Therapy Surrey
Massage Therapy Surrey For Headaches

Headaches / Migraines

Massage therapy Surrey can be a powerful tool in managing headaches and migraines. By targeting areas of tension in the neck, shoulders, and head, our Surrey RMT can help to alleviate the muscle tightness that often contributes to headache pain.

Special techniques like trigger point therapy can interrupt pain signals, providing relief. Additionally, massage can stimulate the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, further alleviating discomfort and promoting relaxation. This non-invasive approach can reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches and migraines.

Stress And Anxiety

In today’s fast-paced world, stress and anxiety are common issues individuals face. Massage therapy Surrey serves as a powerful ally, providing a holistic approach to managing these mental health conditions.

The calming, rhythmic movements of a skilled massage therapist in Surrey can help to slow down a racing mind, promoting relaxation. It stimulates the release of serotonin and endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ chemicals, fostering a sense of wellness and tranquillity. Therefore, massage therapy treatment is an effective tool in relieving stress and anxiety.

Surrey Massage Therapy For Stress


Our skilled massage therapists in Surrey can play a vital role in managing Osteoarthritis symptoms. With targeted manual therapy techniques, they can help to increase blood flow, reduce pain, and improve joint mobility.

By focusing on areas of stiffness and discomfort, they aid in loosening tight muscles and enhancing flexibility. Regular massage therapy can contribute to a reduction in inflammation and stiffness, promoting a better range of movement and improved quality of life for Osteoarthritis patients.

Overuse Injuries (ie. Tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome)

Overuse injuries like Tendinitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can significantly benefit from massage therapy clinic. The targeted manipulation of the affected areas can help reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote healing.

By increasing blood flow to the injured tissues, massage can hasten recovery and improve mobility. Moreover, regular therapeutic massages can help in breaking down scar tissue, improving flexibility, and reducing the likelihood of further injuries, making it an integral part of an effective rehabilitation program.

Massage Therapy Tendinitis

Sports Related Recovery

Massage therapy can be a crucial part of a sports recovery program. The specific techniques used can help to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and promote flexibility, which can significantly reduce recovery time post-injury.

Additionally, regular massages can help prevent future injuries by keeping muscles relaxed and flexible. In essence, massage therapy assists athletes to return to their sport with minimal downtime and higher performance levels.

Massage Therapy For Sports Injuries

Pregnancy And Post-natal Conditions

During pregnancy and post-natal periods, massage therapy can serve as a therapeutic touch. It can alleviate pregnancy-related discomforts like backaches and leg cramps, and foster overall wellbeing.

Post-natal massages can help new mothers recover faster by aiding in the reduction of bodily swelling and improving muscle tone. It also provides a much-needed avenue for relaxation and stress relief, thus contributing to improved mental health during this transformative phase of life.

Registered Massage Therapists Pregnancy

Respiratory Issues

Massage therapy Surrey can be beneficial in addressing respiratory issues. Specific manual therapy techniques can assist in the relaxation and expansion of the muscles surrounding the lungs, thereby enhancing breathing capacity.

Furthermore, massage can aid in the elimination of respiratory toxins and help to boost the immune system. It can also reduce stress and anxiety, which often exacerbate respiratory conditions, thus promoting overall respiratory health. Regular massage therapy sessions can contribute to improved lung function and breathing ease.

RMT For Respiratory Issues

Constipation And IBS

Our Surrey massage therapy can be an effective treatment for constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Techniques such as abdominal massage stimulate the digestive system, enhancing the movement of the intestinal contents and promoting regular bowel movements.

This therapy can also reduce pain and bloating associated with IBS, while fostering relaxation, which can help alleviate stress-induced exacerbations of IBS symptoms. Regular massage sessions may thus contribute to improved digestive health.

Surrey RMTs For Constipation

Registered Massage Therapy Surrey

Our Surrey Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) is a highly advanced healthcare profession, surpassing typical body work or relaxation massage. While some may mistakenly view Massage Therapy as solely a stress relief treatment, it encompasses much more.

The primary objective of Massage Therapy is to enhance soft tissue and joint health through manual manipulation of muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, and tendons, combined with therapeutic exercise. With a range of evidence-informed techniques, the goal is to alleviate pain, expedite injury recovery, and enhance movement performance.

The field of Registered Massage Therapy service Surrey focused on pain relief, injury recovery, and movement performance is expanding rapidly, and REVIVE Rehab is at the forefront of this industry.

Registered Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage Therapists in Surrey with specialization in various human body structures and interconnected systems play an essential role in healing an extensive variety of health issues.
They tackle everything from chronic pain and bad posture to mood disorders like anxiety and depression through targeted therapeutic interventions.
Massage therapy in Surrey, BC is an influential technique that extends and relaxes tense muscles, decreases stiffness, and reduces edema in muscles and joints.
Massage therapy Surrey also significantly impacts emotional health. It aids in alleviating anxiety and depression symptoms by triggering the body to release endorphins and dopamine—natural mood enhancers.
The application of specific techniques and manipulation of soft tissues during massage therapy enhances blood circulation. This improvement supports the delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the areas in need.
This ends up not only relieving emotional distress but also fostering a general sense of relaxation and well-being.
By merging their knowledge of anatomy and physiology with healing techniques, these specialized therapists provide a holistic approach to health and welfare.
Their ability to address both the physical and emotional facets of health renders them invaluable in promoting overall wellness and enhancing the quality of life.

How Are Our Surrey Massage Therapists Different?

At REVIVE Rehab, we prioritize the professional development of our Registered Massage Therapists. We dedicate substantial resources to uphold the highest standards in the industry. Here are some of the measures we take to ensure you receive the utmost quality treatment:

Industry-Leading Training: Our Massage Therapists at REVIVE Rehab are provided with extensive, top-tier training to ensure they are equipped with the latest techniques and tools in the industry.
Patient-Centered Approach: Each Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) associated with us has been handpicked based on their dedication to prioritize patient well-being above all else.
Customized Treatment Plans: Understanding that each patient is unique, our massage therapists in Surrey develop tailored treatment plans that cater to individual needs and health goals.
Commitment to Continued Education: We strongly encourage our Surrey massage therapists to continuously learn and grow. This commitment to professional development helps us maintain our high industry standards.
Quality Assurance Measures: We implement stringent quality assurance measures to ensure that every therapy session you receive adheres to our promise of superior care and treatment.
Patient Retention: We recognize that defining what constitutes a good massage therapy treatment can be challenging. What may be effective for one person may not be the same for another. To address the subjective nature of massage therapy, we have developed an innovative approach to assess the effectiveness of our RMT partners. We evaluate each therapist based on their therapeutic relationship with their patients.
Best RMTs In Surrey

RMTs In Surrey

At REVIVE Rehab Surrey, our team of licensed massage therapists provides exceptional massage therapy treatments to alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce muscle and joint pain, enhance overall well-being, or simply help you relax. Experience the ultimate personalized treatment plan tailored to make you feel your absolute best.

For all your massage therapy needs, look no further than our massage therapy clinic Surrey. Our multidisciplinary clinic provides a clean, cozy, and safe environment, and we offer direct billing to most insurance companies. Don’t wait any longer to schedule your therapeutic appointment and discover how we can help you.

Located in Surrey, BC, REVIVE Rehab is a premier multidisciplinary health and wellness facility. We are dedicated to providing personalized treatments tailored specifically to your needs.
Our highly knowledgeable staff specializes in Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) to address your daily aches, ensuring you feel rejuvenated for the days ahead. We also offer customized treatment plans designed to support your journey towards a healthier life.

Experience the difference at REVIVE Rehab, The best massage therapy surrey, where your well-being is our top priority.

Best Massage Therapy Clinic In Surrey, BC.

Professional Massage Therapy Services:

Experience the ultimate in therapeutic massage, tailored to your specific needs. Our skilled RMTs Surrey employ a range of techniques to soothe and invigorate, promoting relaxation and revitalization.

Massage therapy is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, offering numerous benefits including stress and anxiety reduction, muscle relaxation, tension headache relief, improved overall well-being, enhanced circulation, and rejuvenation. Rest assured, all our massages are administered by Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs), often covered by your employer’s health benefits plan. Discover the transformative power of our massages today!

Our Cancellation Policy: Surrey Massage Therapy Clinic

We value your time and appreciate your understanding of the value of ours. When appointments are cancelled or rescheduled with short notice, or if you do not attend an appointment, it prevents us from assisting other patients during that reserved time.

For any missed appointments or cancellations without 24-hour notice, a fee equal to the value of the booked appointment will be applied to your account. We understand that sometimes last-minute cancellations are unavoidable. If this occurs, please notify us as soon as possible. You can cancel by phone call, text message, email, or voicemail at any time, as we regularly check all communication channels.

Kindly be aware that any expenses incurred due to missed appointments or late cancellations are not eligible for coverage under your ICBC, WCB, or private insurance plan.

FAQ’s For Massage Therapy Surrey

How many times a week should you get massage therapy?

The frequency of massage therapy sessions varies for each individual, depending on their specific needs and goals. Typically, it is recommended to receive massage therapy 1-2 times per week for optimal results. However, this can vary based on your condition and response to treatment. Our Surrey Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) will work with you to determine the best treatment plan for your specific needs.

Is massage therapy covered by insurance?

Massage therapy Surrey is often covered by extended health benefits plans through your employer. However, coverage and reimbursement amounts may vary depending on your insurance provider and plan. It is best to check with your insurance provider beforehand to ensure coverage for massage therapy services.

What should I expect during my first massage therapy appointment?

During your initial appointment, the RMT will conduct a thorough assessment to determine your current health status, past medical history, and any specific areas of concern or discomfort. This information will help create a personalized treatment plan for you. Our Surrey RMTs will also explain the different techniques they may use during the session and answer any questions you may have about massage therapy.

Is massage therapy suitable for everyone?

Massage therapy is generally safe for most people. However, certain medical conditions may contraindicate massage therapy or require modifications to the treatment. It is important to inform our RMTs Surrey about any injuries, illnesses, or other health concerns before beginning a session. Our Surrey RMT team will then determine if massage therapy is appropriate for you and make any necessary adjustments to ensure your safety.

Can I receive massage therapy while pregnant?

Yes, massage therapy is generally safe and beneficial during pregnancy. However, it is important to inform our Surrey RMTs team about your pregnancy before beginning a session. Our RMT may also recommend certain positioning or techniques that are specifically designed for pregnant women.

How often should I receive massage therapy?

The frequency of massage therapy Surrey sessions can vary depending on your individual needs and treatment plan. Some people may benefit from more frequent sessions, while others may only require occasional treatments for maintenance or specific concerns. Our Surrey massage therapy team will work with you to determine the best schedule for your needs.

Should you tip an RMT?

Tipping an RMT is not expected or required, as they are healthcare professionals providing a medical service rather than a hospitality service. However, if you feel that your RMT has provided exceptional care and service, you may choose to show your appreciation through a gratuity.

This decision is completely up to the individual and should never be expected by our massage therapy Surrey team. Additionally, if your massage therapy is covered by insurance or provided through a healthcare plan, tipping may not be allowed under the terms of your coverage. It is always best to check with your insurance provider beforehand.

Are there any risks associated with massage therapy?

While massage therapy is generally safe, there are some rare and potential risks that you should be aware of. These may include bruising, swelling, or soreness at the site of treatment. In rare cases, individuals with certain medical conditions may experience adverse reactions to massage therapy. It is important to inform your RMT about any medical conditions or concerns before beginning a session.

What should I wear during a massage therapy session?

During a massage therapy session, you will be asked to undress to your level of comfort. Most people prefer to keep their underwear on, but you can also choose to undress completely or leave some clothing on. Your RMT will always ensure that you are properly draped and covered during the session, only exposing the area of the body being worked on at any given time.

What is the difference between a massage therapist and a masseuse?

The terms “massage therapist” and “masseuse” are often used interchangeably, but there is a difference between the two. A massage therapist is a trained healthcare professional who has completed a formal education program and is licensed or certified to practice massage therapy Surrey. On the other hand, a masseuse typically refers to someone who provides massages for relaxation purposes only, without any formal training or qualifications. It is important to choose a registered massage therapist for any therapeutic or medical needs.

How can I find a qualified and reputable massage therapist?

One of the best ways to find a qualified and reputable massage therapist is through word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family, or healthcare providers. You can also search for registered massage therapists in your area using online directories by typing “massage therapy near me” provided by professional associations or regulatory bodies. It is important to ensure that the Surrey massage therapist you choose is properly trained, licensed, and has a good reputation.

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